Welcome to Practicum Education

Welcome to one of the most anticipated and exciting components of your social work education practicum. Practicum is where student learning of theories, values, ethics, and skills connects to the real-world practice of social work. Practicum education benefits from the contributions of many community social workers who serve as practicum instructors and faculty seminar liaisons. Without this support, students would not be able to participate in the most essential part of their educational journey-- practicum. The journey begins when a student chooses a degree in social work. This choice is usually built on the passion they possess to want to change and influence individuals, families, and communities. Students bring their hearts to social work. They then develop their minds by studying social work practice theories and research. They become great problem solvers and scholars. Finally, students bring their hearts and their minds to the final step in the journey as they learn how to engage themselves in the practice of social work. Practicum is the combination of a student’s heart, mind, and hands. 

The Practicum Education Handbook contains information regarding practicum policy, practice standards, and processes to which the student must comply for completion of the practicum requirement. Students and practicum agencies are strongly encouraged to read and focus on those sections relevant to their particular place in the BSW or MSW program. The handbook will also help students understand the connection between practicum education and over all course of their social work education.