Student Social Work Association (SSWA) – for current BSW students


Why Join?

  • Promote interaction among students, faculty, University administration, and community and social service agencies
  • Support and uphold the values and ethics of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  • Gain knowledge and learn about the agencies in our community
  • Provide academic, emotional and social support to fellow students
  • Build a professional identity as a social worker

SSWA is a service organization. This means that as an organization we are committed to serving others in and around our own community, and in other communities where there is need.

In previous years SSWA volunteered a great deal of time to El Caldito Soup Kitchen, an agency with the Community of Hope that feeds homeless and near-homeless individuals and families. We also participated in various other school and community service activities.

For more information regarding SSWA please contact SSWA Co-Presidents: Christal Tucker or Vicente Avila or via SSWA email on Canvas.

SSWA Faculty Advisor
Dr. Stacy Gherardi, Ph.D.