Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor

*Please note:  This minor is currently not available

Alcohol and Drug Counseling Minor

New Mexico State University offers an interdisciplinary minor in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. Students develop knowledge and skills to work with substance-affected individuals, families, and groups.  They also learn to design plans for organizational and community intervention.  Completion of this minor provides students with the academic preparation for taking the exam for state licensure as a drug and alcohol counselor in the State of New Mexico.

The minor requires 15 credit hours of coursework within the following graduate programs: Counseling and Educational Psychology; Family and Consumer Science; Nursing; and Social Work.

Prerequisites for Admission

  1. Students must have been accepted into the one of the four programs mentioned above. Students with provisional admission will not be considered until they have obtained regular admission status.
  2. Students must have completed at least 6 graduate credits in their primary field of study.
  3. In programs with clinical and non-clinical tracks, students must already be accepted into the program’s clinical track.

Admission Process

1. To apply for admission, students must submit the following information:

a. Copy of a graduate transcripts (official transcripts are not necessary)

b. Letter of interest (2 page limit): summarize your background and describe your interest in this field; indicate experiences with diverse groups

c. Resume (2 page limit): describe internships and work experience

e. Completed recommendation form must be from the designated faculty in the student’s home school or department

2. These materials must be submitted to Dr. Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome in the School of Social Work, Health and Social Services Building, Room 210 starting the first week of February. Students whose packets are INCOMPLETE will not be considered for acceptance.

3. An admissions committee composed of faculty from the four participating Programs will review and rate the applications.

4. To assure a place in the minor, early application is encouraged. Applications will be accepted starting the first week in February and will be accepted until the second week of May. Students will be notified regarding their acceptance into the interdisciplinary minor no later than the second week of May. Students accepted into the program begin classes during a short course in May.

Requirements for Completion of Minor

  1. If accepted into the interdisciplinary minor, students must successfully complete three or four required courses (varies by school or department) and a seminar in addition to the courses required by their home school or department. Students must repeat courses in which they receive less than a B grade. For the program’s course of schedule, go here.
  2. Students must fulfill their existing school or department practicum/internship requirements in a setting where at least 50% of the cases have substance abuse issues.
  3. Students must remain in good standing with their home school or department and the Graduate School, and successfully complete all requirements for graduation.

Additional Information

The following department advisors may be contacted for more information about the interdisciplinary minor:

Esther Devall: Family and Consumer Science (FCSC), 646-1161

Shelly Noe: Nursing (NURS), 527-7735

Wanda Whittlesey-Jerome: Social Work (MSW), 646-0322

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor Information

New Mexico Counseling & Therapy Practice Board
2550 Cerillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone:(505) 476-4610
Fax:  (505) 476-4633