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The primary goal of the scholar program is to increase the number of BSW and MSW degreed social workers to provide services to children and their families who are clients of Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD) throughout the state of New Mexico. To reach this goal, the Child Welfare Scholar Program provides funds to students enrolled in the School of Social Work who demonstrate a commitment to work for CYFD upon completion of their academic studies.




Demonstrate a willingness to be contractually obligated to work for CYFD for a specified period of time after graduation as payback for the funds received as a scholar: MSW and BSW full-time students will have an 18 months per full academic year for which funds were received, 12 months payback per academic year for Part-Time MSW students, and 9 months payback per semester for both MSW and BSW students.

  1. Be willing to accept CYFD employment in counties where there is the greatest need for qualified social workers. The student also understands that if the work commitment is not met, the student is responsible for repayment of the funds received as a scholar in the time they would have had to complete their employment payback.
  2. Complete a Child Welfare Scholar Award Application and include an updated resume with three (3) professional references.
  3. Successfully complete a screening interview by a panel consisting of representatives from CYFD and the School of Social Work. Prior to awarding of funds as a scholar the student will have to successfully complete a CYFD background check.

Scholar Awards

Scholar recipient demonstrates a willingness to be contractually obligated to work for CYFD for a specified period of time after graduation as a payback for each scholar award he/she receives. For full-time MSW and BSW students there is an 18 month required employment obligation per academic award received, for part-time MSW students there is a 12 month required employment obligation per academic award received, and a 9 month required work obligation for MSW and BSW students who receive single semester academic awards.

Field Placement Interview Process

  1. The scholar is required to meet with the Field Director or Associate Field Director to discuss interest and availability of a child welfare field placement and obtain necessary documentation to seek a field internship with Children, Youth, and Families Department Protective Services.
  2. The Scholar will interview with the Scholar Coordinator for a field placement with Children, Youth, and Families Department—Protective Services.
  3. If Scholar is initially accepted for a field internship with CYFD, the Scholar will then be required to attend a formal interview with CYFD Supervisors. Upon being offered a field placement opportunity with CYFD, scholar will be assigned to a particular unit and Social Worker to begin their field internship experience.
  4. The scholar will also be assigned to a field instructor through NMSU who is responsible for:
    • Providing at least one hour of supervision to the student.
    • Coordinating student assignments to various units within CYFD and unit staff.
    • Ensuring that job shadowing and on the job training is provided to each student to maximize the student’s learning experience.
    • On-going training on clinical and field issues for students.
    • Ensuring that all documentation for the field internship is completed in a timely manner by the student during their field internship.
    • Participating in the Mid-term and Final evaluations with the student and CYFD social worker every semester during their field placement.

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