Graduate Student Social Work Association

The Graduate Student Social Work Association is for all MSW students. All current students are automatically members once admitted as a part-time or full-time MSW student. The organization is run by four to five student officers  elected annually by the graduate student body. The association determines its goals and priorities at the start of each school year.

Typical activities organized by the association each year include:

  • New student information sessions
  • Community Service and Outreach activities
  • Social gatherings for students and faculty
  • Fund-raising for group activities and to make donations to outside organizations
  • Organization of Photo Day for graduating Masters and Bachelors students
  • Planning the annual Hooding Ceremony held each year for graduating MSWs.

To get involved please contact the GSSWA President Jeneva “Mia” Jio ( or the faculty advisor.

Dr. Frances Nedjat-Haiem

Current students may also access information on the organization’s Blackboard Course located at